Benedict! Francis!

Think of our sister churches in the East. We Catholics might be well advised if we

  • humble ourselves to take over tried and tested structures from the Orthodox and, acknowledging them with our hearts, move closer to them until complete unification,

  • instead of discrediting our own (Catholic) unity over and over again,

  • by giving the world too free an opportunity to make headlines when the world has no idea about what it is really.

  • That is why we should regard the fact that the world sees two popes at the moment as an act of providence willed by God,

  • that gives us a chance to prove to it what brotherhood can be: Unity of hearts, who want to serve the common cause. However, the cause is the Gospel and therefore, the Lord himself.

  • The celibate as a particular form of "fool for Christ's sake" is it by vocation.

  • A bishop needed by a local church should be married to a single woman, said St. Paul, himself a celibate. Later, Christians thought that the bishop should be one who has taken the renunciation of marriage into his life. So it is practised in the Orthodox churches until today.

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